Prior to the definition of the contracting models for innovation that will be developed in Phase II (RFP-B), it is considered of interest to promote a preliminary market consultation process as an open call of proposals for innovative solutions as a means to identify technologies and solutions relevant to the technological challenges proposed in the Civil UAVs Initiative.

The purpose of this call is to promote the participation of any individual or legal entity, public or private for identifying innovative proposals that contribute to the development process and implementation ofthe projects included in the “UAVs Civil Initiative”, which are related to Annex I of the RFP.

This preliminary consultation process of the market is realised in order to prepare future contracting that the Regional Administration plans to develop during Phase II (RFP-B) and inform economic operators about their plans and contracting requirements.

The call is open and is directed to all natural or legal persons, public or private persons who are willing to participate and collaborate with the Galician Agency of Innovation for the development of these projects, both in its definition and scope and the development and technological innovation in the field
of civil UAVs.

Any interested party can participate although it had not previously expressed interest through the “Request for information (RFI)” convened by the Galician Innovation Agency in this initiative through its website

Participating in the call does not carry, by the Regional

Administration, any obligation to finance or acceptance of the submitted proposal. The Administration will give participants an equal and non-discriminatory treatment, and adjust their participation to the principle of transparency.

Project files of innovation solutions

Technological challenges